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2014 World Class Prelim. Pictures from Other FLL teams

Thanks to the FLL teams that are sharing their pictures and guesses to the model placements for 2014 World Class Field Build. We will know Official Kick Off, Aug 26th

Cool Videos for Preseason Inspiration!

Woodie Flowers Video TED talk!

2014 FIRST Opening Ceremonies!

LMS Robotics Website!


Our FLL Field HaZ Arrived! LEGO RCX, NXT, EV3!

We will have to wait for the field model instructions to be available on Aug 1st and the Challenge release on Aug 27th!

Here is a good article comparing the LEGO Mindstorms progression!

HERE is a better article comparing the LEGO Mindstorms progression!

Adding this to our Nature’s Fury Resource Page

Important information! (Coaches)

The field frays (makes strings!) very easily!  We unrolled the mat to just look at it and we had fraying strings on the edge!~ Field is made of nylon?  We recommend using a BBQ (BIC)  long lighter used to light candles/grill/camp stove to gently heat the edges with a flame to prevent more fraying! (Be careful and start away from base (wear safety goggles and keep away from flammables and other open flames…)!

Big Shout out to Baking Soda Robotics/Creative Minds Roboticsfor Sharing FIRST look at FLL!

Nature’s Fury – FIRST Look. Thanks Baking Soda Robotics for sharing your pictures. Can’t wait to get our hands on our kit and plan the build meeting!  Thanks to Creative Minds Robotics – Asia Pacific for sharing this picture!

MoonBots Google Lunar X Prize Submission Phase 2

NJ Science Fest Comp

The GSJS Robotics Team was invited to be a presenter at the New Jersey Science and Engineering Festival for a second time this year. Team members represented our council and its commitment to STEM programing at the annual event in Clifton, NJ. The girls displayed their Moonbot Challenge videos, robot, and the moon scape playing field they designed for the challenge. Visitors had the opportunity to control the robot and interact with the game components on the playing field. The girls generated a great deal of interest.

We want to thank the MoonBots Administration for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this program!

Hannah and Julia posted their Phase 2 materials for the 2012 Moonbots Google X Prize. 

Wish them luck! We will be presenting our MoonBots Challenge at the NJ Science and Engineering Fair, Oct 13 and 14th!

We hope to establish a LEGO SPACE Mindstorms Lunar Exhibit at the Info Age Science Museum!

2012 Senior Solutions Field Component Placement Video!

Note not official:

This is Official!

October 5th is WORLD FIRST FRIDAY! Help spread the word, Wear it LOUD wear it PROUD! Tell everyone about FIRST

2012 Senior Solutions Field Components and Mat FIRST Looks

Here is a collection of some pictures for 2012 Senior Solutions from FLL team Baking Soda Volcano!

Oh! And Curiosity landed on Mars this morning at 1:31 am!  Check out the webpage, twitter and LEGO Version!

President Obama’s Statement on Curiosity Landing on Mars!

Elon Musk’s Interview on Dateline: Colonizing Mars in our Lifetime!

Team 5811 GSJS Electro Llamas Registered for Senior Solutions

Senior Solutions Logo

Kick off is August 28th.  We will get together to assemble the field and have a possible Pre-season Celebration!

Parents can sign up here for the FIRST Parent portal!   I look forward to another exciting season!

Team Cyberjags points out a possible problem with the Food Factor Table setup!

We have to wait and see until September 2nd to see the official rules, however, team Cyberjags has posted this picture on the FLL forum.  This may require a model change?

Field Kit Pictures: FIRST Look!

Food Factor Field Kit Pictures are starting to emerge on the web…

Here are pictures from our Build Session!   The girls worked very hard to complete all the models in one night.  Thanks Mr. Glen, Hannah, Kristin, and Mariellen for organizing the pieces by color and type.  It really made a difference when building the models.

If you like the count down timer to the 2011 Food Factor FLL Kick Off:  I found a site (Dutch) that has it!

Our next event will be Soulsational on July 30th!