Self Assembling Robots – Cool Video to start our new 2014-2015 Season!

Self Assembling Robots – Harvard University scientists have built a 1,000-strong robot army which can form itself into shapes with very little human input. (Article)

FLL – Has started assembling their 2014 World Class Field! 

FTC – Have you read your summer read yet? Part 1 of the FTC Game Manual?  After you read it once, here is a good comparison between last years and this with changes highlighted from last year to this.

FTC Team Afoofa released this FIRST analysis (FTC forums)
–> 4″ COTS wheel size limitation is removed => This means we are allowed to use bigger COTS wheels. (Commercial Off The Shelf – meaning purchased)
–> Lot more COTS parts: Anything with single degree of freedom (ex: COTS axles of all kinds)
–> A new motor type: AM-2964 ( A maximum total of eight (8) TETRIX /AM-2964 motors (in any combination)…)
–> Servos (Quarter scale or small) – any brand is allowed. Any combination is allowed. No limit on quarter scales, as long as servo controller can drive.
–> SuperPro can powered by external 9V battery. (This a an additional controller for self made sensors and such)
–> Circuits connected to SuperPro can be driven by this external 9V battery also. [ This is great news for adding special computing controllers such as Arduino, RasPi, BeagleBone, Intel Galileo, Launchpad] we may have to clarify this: All power used in the circuits connected to the Prototype Board must be derived from the power connections provided within the board including the board’s optional additional 9V battery.
Circuits may connect only to the designated connections provided by the Prototype Board. (i.e. A4-A0, B5-B0, 3V, 4V, 9V, 5V, GND) or SuperPro Protype Board (i.e., A3-A0, B7-B0, S3-S0, O1-O0, WR, RD, 3V, 9V, 5V, GND).
–> Processor on SuperPro board is allowed to re-Program I don’t see this “vi. The processor included in the Prototype Board may not be reprogrammed”.


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