Tornado Proof House, Anticipation builds waiting for FLL Field Delivery!

Tornado Proof House – that moves underground.

Found this while waiting for our 2013 FLL Field Kit to arrive
From: Jennifer O’Callaghan (

LEGO building instructions online Exciting news! Beginning the 2013 NATURE´S FURY(SM) season, building instructions for the Mission Models will only be available online on the website. No more lost CDs! Easy access from anywhere! This way we can also make sure that the building instructions are available to teams globally on the exact same day no matter when they receive their Challenge set.  We have been in contact with Partners globally and for those of you who foresee anyone having limited Internet access, we will work out a solution.

TWO big packing changes for FLL

Change 1: Last season, we introduced the packaging solution with the mat folded and everything packed in a smaller box.

A few complaints from FLL teams is a few too many. Therefore we have also decided to stop this packaging method. The teams and their coaches are already working under time pressure and have many challenges, so we do not want them to have to work with flattening out the mat or having any concerns in relation to the challenge set. It should be just open the box, build the missions, roll out the mat and get started.

So, beginning in 2013, the FLL sets will be delivered again as they had been back in 2011 – in a long box with the mat rolled. This should also provide better storage of the sets for the teams.

Change 2: Beginning in 2013 we are also introducing “Element pre-pack.” This means that the LEGO elements will be pre-packed in bags with numbers relating to a number on a building instruction. For instance, Building instructions for model no. 1 is related to pre-pack bag(s) labeled no. 1.

So, from now on it would be best to not open all the pre-packed bags at once, but instead just open the pre-packs needed for the Mission Models being built.

We hope the teams will have an even better and optimal LEGO building experience and reduce experiences of missing elements.


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  1. This is very helpful information. We received the Nature’s Fury Field Kit on Monday and I was planning to have “Mission Model Build” meetings in the next couple of days, but I will have to change the focus of that meeting. My team is almost entirely made up of new members, so there are plenty of other things we can focus on.

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