June 9th – Super Regionals Added to FTC – What is a COTS ?!

June 9th – GSJS Outreach program @ Ocean Center 2-4pm plan to attend!

Goal for Tuesday June 4th FTC Meeting – Continue to work on RobotC programming: Show While command – touch sensor

  • Beginning this season, teams in the U.S. will advance from state or regional-level Championships to one of four Super-Regionals, before advancing to the FTC World Championship.  The Super-Regionals are slated to take place in Northern California, Texas, Iowa and Pennsylvania.
  • Review what COTS is (Commercial Off The Shelf) – Basically raw materials are allowed!  Examples include extruded shapes made from any material, including plastics, metals and composites. Any material that has been formed or machined after extrusion is considered a COTS.
  • Exception to the non-COTS rule:
    1. Linear slides
    2. Non-motorized turntables and lazy susans
    3. Lead screws and threaded rod, plus compatible nuts
    4. Servo blocks
    5. #25 chain and compatible connector links and half links.

Goal for Tuesday June 4th FLL Meeting

  • Work on organizing Kit of Parts and Robot Bins
  • Continue to work on programming and building attachments to complete individual missions.

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