Excellent Work Girls! Saturday – Ocean Service Center – 10am – 4pm

We had an awesome meeting with very productive work.  The Electro Llamas are perfecting their presentation and had fun preparing their skit.  The Bouquet Bunch was down to only half the team but they worked to make up the difference!  They have their core value poster done and is almost finished their project materials.  Both teams have added two more missions to their totals and they are hoping to finish filling up the rest of their competition mission times.

We will again meet at the Ocean Service Center, 1405 Old Freehold Road, Toms River, Saturday, 10am until 4pm to work on preparing for our December 1st all day event @ Rowan University. We will plan to meet Saturday from 10am until 4pm and take a break Sunday (if the girls are prepared to do so!)  We plan to order pizza Friday, however any other snacks would be appreciated.

If you have not filled out a Consent Form yet, please download the link, print it out and fill it in.  We cannot compete with out all the forms filled in! If you have any questions feel free to stop in or email me.

Here is a link to the Master Schedule for the December 1st all day event @ Rowan University.


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