Free Alice 3 Classes, Anodizing Aluminium (iPod Case Color!) and More!

Alice is a cool programming software where students create stories and games by animating 3D objects in a virtual environment via drag-and-drop coding blocks. Alice Classes will start mid-June and cover topics from downloading and installing to programming your own animation and on through exporting and uploading your files to YouTube!

Book Eight Amazing Engineering Stories

Bill describes how metals like aluminum and titanium are made resistant to corrosion by growing an oxide layer into the metals. These is the same process used on many Apple products. This video is based on a chapter in the book Eight Amazing Engineering Stories; learn more at  Check out how a smartphone knows up from down!

New Leap (Like Kinects) 3D remote sensor for computers.  Let me know what you think.

Disruptive technologies uproot culture: the latest is the internet. Here is a video discussing the history and future of the internet


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  1. Colorful metal? How cool. I loved the silicon “diving board” idea! They have a very innovative way of doing it, too. I wonder if phones will ever get so small that they can fit into your inner ear. Scary……:/

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