New Parent Page for FLL, Promo Video from Landroids, Pics and More!

You have to see this! The Dancing BallBot!

FIRST Promotional Video from Landroids!

Crazy about Flip, the FLL(R) Robot
Read about Flip’s latest adventure to FIRST(R) headquarters on the FLL blog:
And don’t forget to subscribe and keep updated on what’s going on in our community.

Say Cheese!
Check out official photos from World Festival posted on the FLL/Jr.FLL Flickr account:

FIRST thing first…
Teams do such an amazing job promoting FLL in schools and communities, so please remember the FIRST in FIRST LEGO League.  FLL is a partnership between FIRST and LEGO. Help us put the FIRST back in FIRST LEGO League!

Calling all FLL Parents!
FLL is creating an online place just for parents. Sign up to receive news about what’s new with FLL on the FLL Parents Page:

Keep you up to date on topics such as:

  • How will my child benefit from FLL?
  • What can I expect to happen at an official FLL tournament?
  • Information on volunteering and FIRST® safety procedures.
  • What kinds of activities can I do with my child before, during, and after the FLL season?
  • And many more FAQs from parents like you….

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  1. I read the Flip comic. So cute. So nerdy. SOOO AWESOME!!!!! I wish I could see all of the things that Flip saw!

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