SpaceX, Monty Madness! and Cloth Bot!

Like most of the “would be” astronauts in the world, I got up at 4 am to watch Space X.  We all watched the build up, commenting on Twitter as the countdown got closer to zero.   Listened to the 10, 9 -2, 1, ignition countdown (NASA even said liftoff?!)…and split latter, nothing happened.   It appeared as if someone forgot to do something.  We all were hoping that the SpaceX rocket would still launch as planned, however, the reality slowly crept in that it was not to be.

There was a decision to abort the mission at T- 0.5 s? A bad reading on engine #5 and at the last second, either automatically or manually, the mission was scrubbed. With millions of eyes and a billion dollars invested, SpaceX cannot afford a mistake.  It was a perfect example of a NO Go if not sure.  Better to wait to be 100% sure and successful, then 99% sure and have a disaster blow up on the launch pad!  Hopefully there is a lesson in there somewhere…

My family and I had a great time at Monty Madness today!  See Pictures Here

  • Talked to the FTC crowd – Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Frascella, Minnie Mouse, Team Overdrive, Say Watt and NanoGuru’s – All enthusiastic supporters of helping us get a Girl Scout of the Jersey Shore FTC team off the ground!!!
  • Saw my old friends from my FRC days – 1089 Mercury, 341 Miss Daisy, 365 MOE, 1923 Knights, 303 Paul Kloberg’s Team and met some new friends 701 pink flamingo’s, Nemisis and others.

Thanks Mr. Glen, Kristin for driving up and sharing the day!

And for the fun Robotic Enthusiast in your life:  See it wiggle/Jiggle – The Cloth Bot!


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  1. Sometimes failure is more important the success! I think they learned some valuable information. I just hope that next time, the launch will be after sunrise! 😀

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