Senior Solutions will be announced August 28th!

Just in!  Senior Solutions will be announced August 28th!  Here is a hint for next year from Scott Evans@ the World Festival

In case you don’t want to watch the video, some additional tidbits of information about next years game:

  1. It will have almost no small objects (not like the large numbers of bacteria and viruses)
  2. A perfect score will be impossible again
  3. It will be 10% easier than this year
  4. … “and you might want to get good at climbing stairs!”

New for 2012 FLL Parent Website! Sign up here!

Honda has the right idea and has this in the works!

Check you calendars for end of the summer availability!  We would love to get a jump on our FLL deadlines before school gets going!  Let me know what your thoughts are about summer scheduling.

Cool blog post about FIRST!   The FLL Blog has new postings!


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  1. WHOYAA! Time for the new season!

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