Meeting Food Inc. Movie Night and Robot Planning

Reminder to fill out Consent and Release Agreement, scan and email or hand to me for scanning. All forms for the season can be found on the team blog forms tab.

Be  prepared to present Honey/Coconut research so the team can determine what the teams next project step will be.

Five fingers  of TEAM work.  Be prepared to share their core value example.

To put this in perspective; Judging will be split:

  • 33% Project
  • 33% Teamwork/Core Values
  • 33% SPLIT evenly between Robot Design and Robot Game (So the Robot game is only 16.5% of the judging!)

Next meeting Objective:

  • We will discuss the project to determine our next step
  • Discuss their Core Value example.
  • Brainstorm the missions so we can start to plan the work, work the plan on designing the robot as a team.
  • Show Food Inc @6:30 – approx.7:30 pm. Food will be provided.  Snacks/drinks always welcome.

At an official event judges will look for balanced, strong performance across all 3 areas; this means that all three judged sessions are weighted equally to determine the initial group of Champion’s candidates.


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